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Driver Unit                     : 15mm
Frequency Response    : 17-21,000Hz
Cable Length                 : 1.2m
Impedance                     : 32Ohms
Sound Pressure Level   : 115dB (1 KHz/1V RPM)


Works with iOS system, Samsung, HTC, Millet & other mainstream Android Phones & Laptops with 3.5mm Jack


  • Do not expose the earphone to water
  • Do not reach the earphone close to any heat apparatus. This may cause fatal modification to your earphone or fire disaster
  • Take extra care not to apply external shock or physical pressure when using earphones.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the earphones for your reforming.
  • Do not use the earphone while operating a vehicle for your safety.
  • Wearing the earphone for an extended period of time may harm.
  • Maintaining high volume levels may inflict serious hearing damage.


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