League of Amazing Gamers is more than just a community. It’s a platform for Influencers, Content Creators, Bloggers and Streamers to help build a community as their own.
L.A.G thrives to keep the community within it positive and healthy so as to facilitate better communications between community members. Here, higher emphasis is given on growth as a team rather than individual growth.
L.A.G associates itself with gaming events, experience zones. Workshops related to gaming & hardware and lastly, community handling & meetups.
L.A.G also collaborates with different brands which would help in contributing to its growth as a whole.

League of Amazing Gamers

Partner Program

About the Program

The L.A.G Partner programme is designed for Influencers, Content Creators, Bloggers and Streamers to help build a community as their own.


Under this programme the Partner can use L.A.G‘s utilities and merged links on their stream so that they can keep their streamings and content creation as it is.


The main concept of this program is to bring all such influencers under one hood so that they can benefit from each other’s audience and also work together to grow and form a better community around them.


With the growth of L.A.G, approaches towards Brand support will also be made so that the Partners as a whole can be benefited directly from such a support.


During L.A.G Events, Partners will be featured in the events so that they can get direct audience interaction.


Goodies and merches will follow.


1.Minimum subscribers/followers for new partners (YouTube: 500, Facebook = 1500,
Instragram= 1000 )
2. Fixed schedule for streaming/uploading content
3. Compulsory use of lag logo/clips and links and use of brand logo when sponsored. Failure to do so results to a warning and eventually termination from the program.
4. 3 content videos a month, 1 short content, gif or original meme must be cross-posted across partner’s page and LAG facebook page.

How to Apply



  1. Should be an active member in the L.A.G community. Make sure to take part in community discussions.
  2. Should be a devoted content creator/ streamer/blogger, puts effort in creating quality content and have a specific schedule.
  3. Must abide by the rules and regulations of their respective platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or any other).
  4. Should maintain proper decorum within the L.A.G community. Same extends to all content shared in the group.
  5. Debates and opinions are welcome as long as they are on a healthy level. Toxicity and Defamation against any community member will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ban and termination from all L.A.G programs.
  6. Sharing self-promotional content in L.A.G group is allowed; spamming, however, is not. Keep self-promotional content in L.A.G group to one post per day.
  7. Any content that directly/indirectly promotes piracy, selling of game accounts, scams, or any sort of activities that is otherwise stated as illegal will result in an instant ban.

L.A.G Overlay FUP

The L.A.G Logo and Overlay are owned by L.A.G and non-intended use or misuse of any kind will lead to Legal action against copyright infringements.