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Gamerz Showdown

We are finally organizing the Gamerz Showdown – CS:GO 2v2 Championship Tournament.
Bring your partner in crime and team up to fight against 2 other players in a very popular Counter Strike Global Offensive map.
A full day dedicated to all the gamers to come, chill, play games, experience VR and alot more and guess what it’s FREE!
So we are going to have a lot of activities apart from Counter Strike, like VR Beat Saber Challenge, Tekken Challenge, Selfie contests, latest RTX titles on high-end PCs.

Fill up the Form to help us know you better –

Make sure to visit Supreme Technologies on the 14th of September! Lets do this!
For more details call
9051959438 (Akash Roy)
8240205696 (Ashmin Das) (L.A.G Community Admin)
7003715536 (Harsh Vardhan Gupta CS:GO Admin)

This event is sponsored by MSI Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce India, Western Digital & GALAX India
Community Partner – L.A.G
Associate Partner – Xombied SHUTTERHOLIC’S TP-Link

See you there!

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