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    Halo Masters Chief Collection: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary; How to Remaster a Game

    Microsoft took the world by surprise when they revealed that they are bringing their console Xbox’s flagship game franchise Halo to PC. Fans rejoiced as they would get to play not only as Master Chief once again but, but this time in 4k. Halo: Combat Evolved was the first game; and the second chapter of a war between humans and an alliance of alien races called the Covenant. Halo CE was first released on the original Xbox platform and later ported to Windows by Gearbox Software. The game was later remastered and was made a part of Master Chief collection. On the PC release of the Master Chief collection on 3rd December 2019, it was second in line to be released after we got to experience the sacrifice of Noble Team in Halo Reach . Halo CE MCC edition is the pinnacle of a remaster and not only just in improved lighting but models were made from scratch, keeping the same gameplay as the original Halo. Today we take a dive into what changed and by how much compared to the original Combat Evolved.

    Starting off with the first person perspective models, we can see how much details were added to chief’s hand glove compared to the original one. The Shotgun also received a new look, alongside other weapons.

    Halo MCC Remastered Visuals

    Halo MCC Classic Visuals

    Moving on to the environment itself, each and every level received a massive overhaul including dense foliage, particle effects, lighting, etc.
    Textures have been made from scratch as well.

    Only downside of The Remastered Visuals is the fact that the spooky-ness that terrified me personally on levels such as The Library and 343 Guilty Spark is gone in the Remastered Visuals. The dark corridors of The Library is now well lit like any other forerunner structures in the game. Although the flood looks terrifying in the remastered visuals with UNSC/Covenant Armor shards being clearly visible.

    Halo CE Anniversary is probably the most worthwhile remaster with a ton of care and love put in by the devs at 343 Industries for the fans. I am sure old fans like me enjoyed the 3 games we have gotten till now, and new fans are ready to “give the covenant back their bomb” (Halo 2 reference for you nubs) and are ready to fight more flood and The Covenant.


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